What Are Vegan-Friendly Pastries?

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Pastries are enjoyed by everyone, and every cuisine has its unique preparations. The ingredients used for making them often include flour, butter, and eggs. So, one of the common doubts about them is “Are pastries vegan?”, and the answer to this question depends on the types of ingredients used for making a pastry. For example, many of the traditional European pastries cannot be included in vegan diet plans because they use eggs, butter, and cow’s milk. The purpose of this article is to explore vegan-friendly pastries; read on to know more about them.

What Are Some Of The Common Types Of Pastries?

When you look at the ingredient list of most traditional pastries, they are not vegan as most of them use butter. Having said that, people who are following vegan diet plans need not be disheartened because there are vegan-friendly substitutes for animal-based ingredients used in them. Shared below are some of the common varieties of pastries and their ingredients.

  • Shortcrust: Flour, water, butter, and/or lard – Tarts, Pies, Quiches, Flans
  • Puff: Flour, water, butter, and/or lard – Turnovers, Sausage rolls, Pies, and Strudels
  • Choux: Flour, eggs, water, butter, and/or lard – Eclairs, Profiteroles, Churros, and Croquembouches
  • Flaky/Rough Puff: Flour, water, butter, and/or lard – Pasties, Turnovers, Sausage rolls, and Plaits
  • Filo/Phyllo: Flour, water, olive oil, and vinegar (sometimes) – Baklava, Strudels, and Spanakopita
  • Hot Water Crust: Flour, baking powder, water, and lard – Hand-raised pies
  • Suet Crust: Flour, baking powder, water, and suet – Savoury puddings, Sweet puddings, and Pies

It is obvious from the above list that most pastries, except filo, use at least one non-vegan ingredient.

What Are The Different Vegan-Friendly Pastry Ingredients?

Nowadays, with the increasing number of people switching to a vegan diet, a wide variety of ingredients are available, especially for vegan meal prep. They can be used for making vegan-friendly pastries.

Listed below are the vegan-friendly alternate ingredients used for making traditional pastries.

  • Butter Or Lard: The vegan-friendly ingredient that can replace butter or lard is margarine. Apart from this, in some recipes, you can also use vegetable oil instead of butter.
  • Egg: There are many vegan egg alternatives available in the market for making pastries, and they are made using tapioca and potato starches. Apart from this, some people use apple sauce or mashed bananas to replace eggs in certain pastries.
  • Suet: Nowadays, readymade vegan-friendly suet is easily available in grocery stores and supermarkets.
  • Cooking Oil: Olive and sunflower oils can be used for making vegan-friendly pastries.

On a final note, as more people are switching to vegan diet plans, pastry shops these days are offering vegan-friendly pastries along with the traditional ones.