Top Vegan Foods To Fight The Winter Flu

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Vegan Diet Plans
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Winter is a good time to boost your immunity as it is the time of common colds and flu. Even if you are lucky enough to escape illness this winter season, there will a family member or a co-worker who averages a box of tissue daily. To reduce your risk of contracting winter flu, you can add these foods into your vegan diet plans to boost your immune system.

Chilli Peppers 

Chilli peppers can make your mouth salivate and your eyes water, which can help relieve your sinuses and open up congestion. Adding food items like wasabi can also have such effects. In place of eating a whole pepper, you can get liberal with the hot sauce to make your foods spicy.


Garlic is a must in every immunity-boosting meal. You can sprinkle crushed garlic or add it in raw form into your salads to improve your immunity. Garlic contains a compound called allicin that can support the formation of healthy white blood cells, which has an important role to play in fighting infections.


If you are looking to keep flu at bay, you can sip down a smoothie that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Antioxidants assists our body in fighting the free radical damage that can potentially weaken any immune system. You can have smoothies made from cherries, sweet mangoes, and lemons to ward of winter flu.


Due to their cold-fighting traits, oranges are effortlessly obtainable in the winter months. These fruits are loaded with vitamin C that can help boost your immunity. Many health experts opine that having a vitamin C daily can help you keep cold and flu at bay.

Black Pepper And Turmeric 

These spices can have great anti-inflammatory benefits that can help reduce the risk of sickness. If you are already under the weather, having these spices can help relieve the pain. Turmeric is well known for its antiseptic properties, but its active ingredient curcumin will not be readily absorbed by our body unless it is combined with black pepper. You just need to mix a pinch of black pepper with turmeric to have beneficial effects. You can make use of the spice combination to flavor your stir-fries or tofu scrambles to have a good defense against the winter flu.

Adding these food items to your vegan meal can help improve your immunity and build your defense against wintertime illnesses.