Top Five Food Items That Just Happen To Be Vegan

Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal
Surprising Vegan Foods
Surprising Vegan Foods

Many food items are not necessarily made for a particular group of dieters, and vegans are no exception here. Any person can consume the food items, and these just happen to be vegan-friendly. That is why we call these accidentally vegan food items. Here, we will look at five of those products that you probably do not know are vegan-friendly.


Have you ever walked into a restaurant, looked at the waiter and ordered this: “Please bring me one vegan dosa”? You would not have done it because dosa is suitable for all kinds of dieters. Now, that is not to say non-vegan dosa does not exist. After all, how you want to make food is up to you. That is why there exist egg dosa, chicken dosa and many other non-vegetarian variants of this dish.

Banana Chips

Snacks seldom get better than banana chips. These are made with unripe banana or even ripe banana slices, turmeric, some water, salt, and much oil. Consuming a lot of banana chips may not be good for your health, but these last longer as compared to fresh bananas. That is why people usually carry these products for long trips, hikes or other outdoor activities.

Veg Momos

This is among the more vegan-friendly Tibetan food items available in many parts of the world. A form of dumpling that is easy to cook, veg momo is among the best-known street food items in Asia. Conventionally, people have been using bamboo baskets to steam momos, but a standard cooker or steamer is also useable for it. The fact that it takes no oil to make it causes this product to be slightly healthier than several surprising vegan foods.

Dark Chocolate

How many of you regard dark chocolate as a non-vegan food item? The answer probably would be the majority of you. After all, the word ‘chocolate’ usually refers to a dairy product. However, not every form of dark chocolate is a dairy item. Look for the product that is 75% or more rich in cocoa if you are a vegan.


When munching on some popcorn in a cinema hall, the last thing you would think about is whether it is vegan or not. That probably explains why you would least expect to see this here. That said, it is worth noting that some versions of popcorn such as cheese popcorn are not vegan-friendly. As with any other product, it is worth knowing what you are buying.