Plant-Based Substitutes

Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat
Vegan Meal Prep
Vegan Meal Prep

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran vegan or someone who is just learning the ropes, there are many situations where recipe substitutions are necessary. Even if you are someone who has jumped into eating vegan meals, there are plenty of substitutions for animal products and added oils, sugars, and salts – all of which will make your vegan meal prep a breeze!

Fish, Meats, And Poultry

There are plenty of substitutes which include vegan hamburgers, vegan hotdogs, and even vegan burgers. Stay clear from processed meats that contain isolate proteins and added oils which make it seem like ‘fake meats’. Mashed beans like black beans and chickpeas make great fillings for sandwiches and wraps.

Portobello mushrooms and cooked bulgur create great body and texture to soups, casseroles, and stews. You can try out different seasonings and condiments to bring out unique flavors and one-of-a-kind textures. Eggplants make nice substitutes for steaks and grilled meats if done right.


These are one of the easiest animal foods that you can cook up for breakfast, but like most animal products, it comes with a host of issues. Instead, you can make use of aquafaba and chickpea flour as egg whites. Even skillet cooked tofu that is crumbled will give you that distinct scrambled egg texture. For dishes that require eggs solely for binding, you can use substitutes such as oats, cooked oatmeal, nut butter, or tomato paste.

Milk And Other Dairy Products

There are plenty of choices and flavors that you can choose from – soy, hemp, almond, and rice milk. Make sure to go through the labeling and ensure that there are no added oils or sugars that negate the goodness.

Like Milk, cheese substitute comes in the form of hemp, rice, almond, and many other cheese variants. Keep away from the heavily processed ‘fake cheese’ that contains isolate proteins. Nut butter and tofu can be added to dishes for that additional cheesy flavor! You can also make use of blended raw cashews for dishes that require creaminess and smoothness in the texture.

Honey Or Sweeteners

Honey is an animal product and is strictly non-vegan. Even sweeteners such as corn syrup are rich in refined sugars that are devoid of nutrients and fibers. You can try out date syrups or fruit purees, and mashed banana. If the mix is thick, then you can add in a bit of water to loosen it.

The going can be tough, but switching to a vegan or even a plant-based diet will yield your health benefits, which even you won’t be able to count.