What Is Veganuary?

Collagen For Vegans
Collagen For Vegans
Vegan Diet Plans
Vegan Diet Plans

The word Veganuary refers to people’s actions of not eating dairy products or meat throughout January. In January, many people eat plant-based dairy items and vegan meat instead of standard animal-based products. So, it is a portmanteau of January and vegan. It also refers to the UK-based charity organization, Veganuary, which motivates individuals to embrace vegan diet plans throughout the month.

For your information, going vegan also involves not using products that are derived from, or made by exploiting animals.

Why Do Individuals Go Vegan?

They do so mainly out of their ethical feelings to animals. Through the diet change, they want their way of life to not involve animal exploitation of any sort. Individuals are also likely to become vegans to have a greener way of life. As per many reports, animal farming accounts for about 18% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that humans cause.

Health is one more thing that causes the change to happen. The former Chief Executive Officer of Veganuary, Simon Winch stated, ‚ÄúResearch shows that health is now the second biggest driver for so many people going vegan”. According to the National Health Service, excessive consumption of processed or red meat could just augment the possibility of cardiovascular disease and bowel cancer.

A recent Medichecks study demonstrated that following an entirely plant-based diet could reduce the chance of heart disease and diabetes. Individuals who were involved in that study and went vegan experienced reduced levels of not just average blood sugar but also unhealthy cholesterol.

It appears that veganism is becoming more and more popular as many individuals have been taking part in the month-long vegan campaign since the inaugural edition of it.

How To Cut Down Your Dairy Or Meat Intake

A plant-based diet may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there exist easy means to reduce the quantity of dairy or meat you consume. Shared below are some ideas you should consider to achieve this goal.

  • Not eating any meat product once a week. It is a tiny yet possible action to take for you.
  • Consuming faux meat instead of real meat. Several big-name fast-food chains have introduced vegan-friendly versions of their meat-based products.
  • Seeking the help of others in regards to recipes.
  • Going vegan at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Consuming vegan food items that are rich in protein, to have enough quantities of minerals and vitamins.