How To Confirm Whether A Product Is Vegan Or Non-Vegan?

Vegan Diets During Pregnancy
Vegan Diets During Pregnancy
Distinguishing Vegan And Non-Vegan
Distinguishing Vegan And Non-Vegan

For new vegans, distinguishing vegan and non-vegan market products from each other is not quite an easy task. Sometimes, the package labeling itself is quite deceptive leaving you with questions about telling whether a product is vegan or not.

Identifying foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans, nuts and legumes as vegan is quite easy. But the process won’t be that simple with all food items.

Here are some of the simple tips that can help you to figure out if a product is vegan.

Check The Labeling

Almost everything you buy comes with some labeling containing the manufacturing information and standards. Vegan products come with label saying “certified vegan” or “suitable for vegans”. The labels of this kind make it easier for people to purchase vegan-friendly items from stores.

Read The Ingredient List Thoroughly

Telling apart a vegan item from non-vegan item is not at all easy, especially when you are buying an item with a lot of ingredients. With the proliferation of processed foods, it is quite a challenge to identify what exactly your food contains.

There isn’t much information about the origin of ingredients like gelatin, whey powder or casein on product labels. All of them are obtained from animal sources and hence are not vegan. Gelatin is obtained from animal skin and bones while casein and whey are obtained from animal milk.

You have to be familiar with all animal ingredients so that the next time you go shopping, you can tell if a product is vegan by studying its ingredient list.

 Look For Allergen Information On The Packaging

If you couldn’t figure out if a product is vegan even after checking the label, you may check the back of the package for allergen information. Moreover, it is found that foods like milk and eggs may cause allergies in some people. If the food has dairy or eggs, the manufacturer is required to include it in the allergen list. Some manufacturers even list components to which the item has been exposed to during its manufacturing process.

Buy Products That Come With Vegan Society Label

The vegan society is an international vegan community that has branches all across the world. They are devoted to adding trademark to vegan products so that vegans can easily purchase these items without checking the ingredients list.

People who are new to the vegan way of life have to do some research on the lifestyle so they can smoothly transform from non-vegans to vegans.