Everything You Want To Know About Meatless Monday

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The term ‘Meatless Monday’ refers to a campaign that promotes using vegan meat instead of animal flesh every first weekday. The campaign is a bit like Veganuary except for the fact that it only involves the meat exclusion on every Monday. You may have a vegan alternative to animal flesh or a meat-based product in this weekly event. Read on to know more about it, and you why may want to choose the vegan consumer goods at least on this occasion.

Who Takes Part In It

LA is the first US city that officially endorsed observance of the event throughout the place. The cafes of over 100 private and public K-12 educational institutes in Los Angeles now go meat-free on each first weekday. There are different versions of the campaign in many nations other than the United States of America.

Reasons To Participate In It

People partake in the Monday event on environment- and health-related grounds. Medical research shows that reducing meat intake may lessen the possibility of cancer, diabetes, obesity, plus cardiovascular disease and that it may even prolong a person’s life. The meat sector contributes to almost 1/5th of anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as per the US Food and Agriculture Organization. Moreover, raising livestock requires more water as compared to growing veggies and fruits.

Research that links meat-heavy diet options to bad health and environment-related effects has played a part in the declining quantity of meat use in the United States. In this country, some people attribute Meatless Monday to the decline in animal flesh consumption to unprecedented levels after the 1950’s decade.

Is There Any Opposition To It?

This movement as well as the reduction that it has caused in meat use, have not gone down well with the US meat industry. After the USDA endorsed it in a 2012 newsletter, a Kansas-based senator as well as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association took exception to the statement, plus forced the organization to withdraw the endorsement.

Describing the Kansas state as a beef producer, plus beef as an item that makes the trade balance better, the then US Senator Jerry Moran lampooned the Department of Agriculture’s endorsement. For your information, Kansas exported beef and other forms of animal flesh to around the globe. Therefore, it is natural that Moran considered beef to be a product that could play a part in improving the trade balance.