Best Vegan Desserts For A Summer Party

Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal
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Vegan Diet

It is usually very difficult to choose the food items to be served at a party because there will be so many people following different diets. Some people might eat meat and other animal products while those people following a vegan diet will only have plant-based food products. Therefore, the best way to please every guest is by serving a vegan-friendly meal. In this article, we will discuss some of the best food items that can be served for a summer party as dessert.

Non-Bake Cookies

It is one of the most popular vegan desserts around the world. The non-bake cookies, also known as bliss bites, are made by combining peanut butter and soft cookies. Since it is having many ingredients like maple syrup, coconut oil, and oats, it is not only delicious but also a healthy food product. It tastes best when served after refrigerating for more than a day.

Chocolate Cake

It is a commonly served dessert that can be turned vegan with a little change in the ingredients. As we all know, eggs and milk are two of the basic ingredients of a cake. To make it vegan, these ingredients can be substituted by their vegan alternatives like almond milk and soya. Replacing gelatin with agar-agar will also help in making it a pure vegan dessert. Serving the chocolate cake with dark chocolate toppings will make it more delicious.

Apple Crumble

Fruit crumbles are easy to cook desserts that can be served to please both vegans and people preferring a gluten-free diet. Most of the desserts need gelatin and dairy products to make it delicious while apple crumble is an exception. Apple crumbles with cinnamon and fresh ginger will not only please the taste buds of your guests but also offer a better look to the serving table.

Chocolate Brownie

Brownies are an adorable dish that can be served to vegans and non-vegans on every occasion. The soft texture and the taste of chocolate are more than enough to make a summer dessert wonderful. You can also try fudgy brownies by filling it with almonds and cashews. For summer parties, it would be better to serve refrigerated brownies than hot baked ones.

The above mentioned are some of the vegan food products that can be served as desserts. You can also add almond milk ice creams and different types of cookies to the list.