Best Plant-Based Substitutes For Meat

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Vegan Meal

The rise in the number of vegans around the world in the past few years indicates that people have started to concern about health and a healthy lifestyle. It is not that a meat-based diet makes you weak, but a vegan diet can offer a lot more nutrients and keep your body away from a lot of health disorders.

It may be difficult for beginners to embrace their vegan lifestyle at first. Those who love eating meat products don’t need to worry. There are many plant-based substitutes for meat that have similar taste, texture, and appearance of actual meat.

Here are some of the best vegan meats available for those who follow a strict vegan meal plan.


Seitan is made from wheat gluten. The first step in the production of seitan is the removal of starch from the wheat by rinsing the wheat with water. The resulting protein-dense foods have a mild taste and a texture similar to that of chicken. Many food manufacturers use seitan as the main ingredient of their vegan meat products. Even though it is nutritious, seitan is not recommended by people suffering from celiac disease.


Tempeh is a meat alternative that is made from soy products and is very common in Indonesia. The whole soybean is used to make tempeh. The food companies utilize the fermentation process for the manufacturing of tempeh. Some tempeh products also contain a mixture of grains or other beans along with soybean. Since tempeh is made from soybeans, it is rich in fiber and also contains several gluten-friendly prebiotics.


Tofu is made by condensing soy milk and pressing into blocks that have varying firmness. This popular meat substitute is rich in protein and many essential amino acids. Tofu has a mild flavor but people can give it the flavors they desire by marinating it. Many people use tofu as an egg substitute in many of their dishes and also mix it in soups and stir-fries. Protein, calories, fat, iron, fiber, calcium, etc. are some of the nutrients present in tofu.

Textured Vegan Protein

Also called as defatted soy flour, textured vegan protein is the byproduct of soybean oil extraction. The food manufacturers use a high heat process for separating soybean protein from fat. The resulting product has a texture similar to curd and it is high in protein. Before cooking, you have to soak textured vegan protein in hot water. This will give it a similar texture that of ground meat.